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In photos: Anbar cities see flurry of reconstruction post-ISIS

By Saif Ahmed in Anbar

Fallujah municipal workers plant trees in al-Askari neighbourhood in an effort to rehabilitate the city's streets and sidewalks. [Saif Ahmed/Diyaruna]

Workers rehabilitate streets in al-Nazzal neighbourhood in central Fallujah. [Saif Ahmed/Diyaruna]

As part of an effort to remove ISIS slogans from Fallujah schools, a number of women volunteered to paint the walls of al-Bahja elementary school in central Fallujah's al-Shurta neighbourhood. [Saif Ahmed/Diyaruna]

Al-Khulafa al-Rashidin mosque in al-Moalimeen al-Thanya neighbourhood, central Fallujah, has been rehabilitated and now receives worshipers again. [Saif Ahmed/Diyaruna]

The Ramadi municipality installed a smaller-sized Eiffel Tower replica, designed and built by Iraqi smith Wissam Sebti, in al-Malaab neighbourhood in central Ramadi. [Saif Ahmed/Diyaruna]

A municipal worker paints a sidewalk in al-Ihtifalat square in central Ramadi, known for the public celebrations it holds throughout the year. [Saif Ahmed/Diyaruna]

Roads are being rehabilitated in Maysaloon in central Fallujah. [Saif Ahmed/Diyaruna]

Reconstruction and rehabilitation work is ongoing in Al-Difaa al-Madani neighbourhood in central Fallujah to clear the mess that was caused by the fight to oust the 'Islamic State of Iraq and Syria' from Anbar province. [Saif Ahmed/Diyaruna]

In the Anbar cities of Fallujah and Ramadi, the local and federal governments have been working with international partners to restore infrastructure and services damaged during the battles to oust the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS).

Reconstruction in the two cities has been gaining momentum since 2016 and is moving at a good pace in spite of funding shortages.

"Reconstruction efforts are picking up pace," Naeem al-Koud of the Anbar provincial council told Diyaruna. "It is quite remarkable to see the progress made in the cities of Anbar province, including Fallujah and Ramadi, compared to how things were a year ago."

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