US, Russia see path forward on Syria

Russia and the US voiced hope Tuesday (May 14th) for better ties including working together in Syria as President Vladimir Putin welcomed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, AFP reported.

The two spoke for nearly two hours in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

Pompeo -- who has been outspoken in his criticism of Putin -- said the two countries found areas on which to co-operate, and voiced optimism in breaking a deadlock on Syria.

"We had a very productive conversation on pathways forward in Syria, things we can do together where we have a shared set of interests on how to move the political process forward," Pompeo told reporters at the airport before flying out.

"There is the political process associated with UN Security Council Resolution 2254 that has been hung up and I think we mutually now can begin to work together in a way to unlock that," he said.

He voiced hope to "get that process to at least take the first step of forming that committee".

UN Security Council Resolution 2254, passed unanimously in 2015, called for a UN-backed, Syrian-led political process.

Pompeo said that Russia and the US also discussed other areas of co-operation in Syria which he could not reveal in public.

The two also discussed the crises on Iran and Venezuela.

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