Ninawa preachers urged to promote moderation

Preachers from remote areas of the province attended a workshop that urged them to denounce extremist ideology from their pulpits.


Iraq grapples with drug smugglers from Iran

Despite the ongoing efforts of Iraqi forces to thwart cross-border drug smuggling from Iran, illegal substances continue to enter the country.


Syria clamps down on conscription dodgers

Men in regime-held areas who are under the age of 42 are at risk of being detained and sent to military training camps, local activists say.


Al-Raqa on the path towards recovery

The city has been experiencing improved quality of life as services are restored and markets are reopened, residents tell Diyaruna.


Iraq shuts down Kilo-18 displacement camp in Ramadi

The large camp, which housed families who had fled ISIS violence, is being shuttered as Iraqi authorities return the last remaining inhabitants to their areas.


Iraqi Civil Defence rescues families trapped in Mosul flooding

A state of emergency was declared in Ninawa Sunday after heavy rainfall battered the province.


IRGC pushes Iranian religious doctrine in Syria

IRGC-affiliated militias in Syria have been promoting the doctrine of Wilayat al-Faqih, which calls for allegiance to Iran's Supreme Leader.


Post-ISIS, Ninawa repairs its places of worship

The restoration of churches and other houses of worship will encourage Christians and other minority groups to return, local officials say.


Syria begins demolitions in Damascus suburb

Wide-scale demolitions are under way in the Damascus suburb of al-Qaboun, which activists say will pave the way for demographic change.


Iraqi border officials work to block drug smugglers

Cross-border co-operation is essential if Iraq is to effectively prevent the smuggling of illegal drugs from Iran into Iraq, officials told Diyaruna.

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