Massive campaign cleans up Mosul

The city's youth have been highly involved in the campaign to remove waste and repair damaged streets.

Ninawa works hard to restore social harmony

Local authorities are working to restore positive relations among the province's various religious and ethnic groups in the post-ISIS era.

Mosul develops plan to rebuild its old market

Local authorities have started working with engineers and technicians to develop a plan to rebuild the city's historic old market.

Negligence contributed to Iran flooding disaster: analysts

Dilapidated infrastructure and misdirected domestic funding have exacerbated the effects of the natural disaster, experts say.

Anbar's al-Rutba sees revival of domestic tourism

Remote lakes and dams in the district are attracting families after security has been enforced.

'Rampant lawlessness' in Tahrir al-Sham-controlled areas

Residents of northern Syria have been complaining about a spate of kidnappings, robberies and killings that have gone unchecked.

Deir Ezzor civilians face hardships under Syrian regime

The regime and affiliated militias, including those backed by the IRGC, have been imposing tributes on food and fuel and restricting movement.

In Idlib, tensions between civilians, Tahrir al-Sham

The extremist alliance has been detaining media professionals and activists and confiscating their work-related equipment.

Iraqi artists show Mosul's suffering and hope

Since Iraqi forces reclaimed Mosul from ISIS, the city has seen a flurry of cultural events and the return of a vibrant art scene.

Ninawa preachers urged to promote moderation

Preachers from remote areas of the province attended a workshop that urged them to denounce extremist ideology from their pulpits.

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