Anbar cities see sports revival in post-ISIS era

Soccer, volleyball and basketball tournaments are bringing new life to the province after the ouster of ISIS, which prohibited sporting activities.

Mosul barbershop reopens with volunteer help

A civil society initiative seeks to help internally displaced persons returning to western Mosul re-establish sources of income.

Fallujah resident sets up museum in his home

A Fallujah resident has turned part of his home in the city centre into a museum, showcasing artefacts he has collected over the years.

Anbar leaders heal social rifts in post-ISIS era

A new project seeks to foster social peace in the province and resolve lingering problems caused by ISIS's occupation.

In photos: Anbar cities see flurry of reconstruction post-ISIS

The Fallujah and Ramadi municipalities are hard at work to rehabilitate streets and rebuild public facilities.

Ninawa youth to lead year-long advocacy campaign

Twenty-four young men and women have received training that will allow them to spearhead a campaign next year that aims to consolidate stability and social cohesion.

Salaheddine promotes tribal reconciliation

The province has organised meetings between tribal heads to heal rifts caused by ISIS and pave the way for displaced families to return.

Booksellers line Mosul street where ISIS held executions

An area where ISIS once beheaded those who rejected its extremist ideology has been transformed into an open air cultural centre.

Iraqis call for creation of museum to examine ISIS crimes

A memorial museum would ensure the dark era of ISIS's rule over parts of Iraq will not be forgotten and serve as a testimony of the group's crimes for generations to come.

Pilgrims bring boom times for Iraqi gem traders

For many pilgrims visiting the Iraqi Shia holy city of Najaf, buying a gemstone ring is part and parcel of the experience.

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