In north Syria, the arts return to former ISIS bastion

The newly opened al-Raqa Centre for Arts and Culture boasts a brand new library, a brightly lit arts gallery and a concert hall.

Mosul ferry disaster investigators face pressure from militias

Members of the committee investigating the Mosul ferry disaster have faced pressure from Iran-backed militias to absolve certain figures.

Iran-backed militias seek to sow sectarian strife in Iraq

These militias are persecuting members of the Sunni sect in areas where they represent the majority in order to serve Iran's agenda, experts told Diyaruna.

Ramadan in Idlib: bombardment, displacement, poverty

Syrian families in Idlib, Hama and Aleppo provinces face airstrikes and high prices if they stay in their homes and displacement if they flee.

Iran-backed militias in Iraq demand 'protection money'

Militias like Asaib Ahl al-Haq have been operating like gangs, extorting Iraqi business owners for money under the pretext of protection.

Massive campaign cleans up Mosul

The city's youth have been highly involved in the campaign to remove waste and repair damaged streets.

Ninawa works hard to restore social harmony

Local authorities are working to restore positive relations among the province's various religious and ethnic groups in the post-ISIS era.

Mosul develops plan to rebuild its old market

Local authorities have started working with engineers and technicians to develop a plan to rebuild the city's historic old market.

Negligence contributed to Iran flooding disaster: analysts

Dilapidated infrastructure and misdirected domestic funding have exacerbated the effects of the natural disaster, experts say.

'Rampant lawlessness' in Tahrir al-Sham-controlled areas

Residents of northern Syria have been complaining about a spate of kidnappings, robberies and killings that have gone unchecked.

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