Idlib, Aleppo, Hama health directorates lose funding

Medics will go unpaid and services will suffer, the health directorates said, due to the suspension of the donor funding they receive.

Specialised medical centres reopen in Anbar

Medical facilities are being rehabilitated and services are being restored in Iraq's westernmost province following the ouster of ISIS.

Mosul in final push to clear away ISIS remains

Mosul steps up efforts to remove the remains of the group's dead fighters from under the rubble.

Tahrir al-Sham goes after doctors in northern Syria

The extremist alliance raided the Idlib Free Health Directorate building in Kafr Nabl and detained a number of doctors, a local activist said.

Support suspended to Idlib's major hospital

Most hospitals in Idlib are in danger of shutting down or limiting the services they provide as international support is suspended.

Most Eastern Ghouta medical facilities knocked out of service

Doctors and paramedics have been forced to operate out of basements and shelters as most of the enclave's medical facilities have been hit.

Anbar residents disabled by ISIS receive help

Thousands of civilians who suffered severe injuries or disabilities at the hands of ISIS are now receiving local government support.

Rotting ISIS remains litter Mosul's streets

The corpses of dozens of ISIS fighters remain exposed on the streets, hindering the efforts of residents to return and resume normal life.

Diyala hospital reopens after post-ISIS repairs

Jalawla General Hospital has been restored to service after undergoing extensive renovations to repair heavy damage caused by ISIS.

Hundreds fall ill in Mosul displacement camps

A bout of food poisoning swept through Hassan Sham and al-Khazer camps outside Mosul, with the outbreak thought to be linked to an iftar meal.

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