International coalition provides support to Iraqi army at border

The Iraqi army has received aerial and logistical support from the international coalition during operations to clear areas along the Syria border, the al-Badiya and al-Jazeera Operations Command said Thursday (June 6th).

"The army has killed six terrorists in Wadi al-Furat and Wadi al-Olum, in al-Qaim desert, destroyed three hideouts and seized large amounts of weapons and explosives hidden underground," operations commander Maj. Gen. Qassim al-Muhammadi told Diyaruna.

They also seized four four-wheel-drive vehicles, a tanker loaded with fuel, sums of money, computers, and a satellite-based internet system (Thuraya), he said.

The international coalition has provided "excellent aerial coverage" for the Iraqi army in those areas and provided it with aerial images, he said.

"Support from the international coalition helps conserve efforts and mitigate risks to our forces in those areas," he said.

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