Iraqi forces destroy 3 ISIS underground hideouts in Kirkuk

Three "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) hideouts have been destroyed in Kirkuk province, the Iraqi army’s Operations Commander in Kirkuk Lt. Gen. Saad Harbia said Thursday (September 5th).

The Iraqi army, backed by international coalition and Iraqi warplanes, carried out a large-scale security operation in Wadi Karha, al-Khardat and Zagheitoun, during which it seized ISIS weapons and explosives concealed underground, he said.

"Our forces also destroyed three ISIS underground hideouts used by the group for hiding after carrying out their night attacks," he said.

Three suspects and six wanted terror suspects were arrested in the operation, he added.

"The seized weapons and items include rockets, shells, improvised explosive devices (IEDs), communication devices, phones and a solar-powered electric system," he said.

The operation is part of a campaign aimed at cracking down on ISIS remnants and preventing them from regrouping or forming dangerous cells that can threaten civilians, he added.

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