Syria Kurds hand over 3 ISIS-linked children to Nigeria

Kurdish authorities in north-east Syria on Thursday (September 5th) handed over three siblings linked with the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) to Nigeria, the first such repatriation to the African country, an official said.

"Three children... were handed over to representatives of the Nigerian government," said Fanar Kaeet, a Kurdish foreign affairs official.

The siblings are a girl and two boys -- all between five and 10 years old -- who had lost both parents, Kaeet told AFP.

A representative of Nigeria's government said his country is also looking into other cases.

"We have asked the foreign relations department at the Kurdish administration for a list of Nigerians and Africans" under their custody, Musa Habib Marika said.

"As for Nigerian (ISIS) fighters, the Nigerian government will look into this," Marika said in response to a question as to whether his country had any plans to repatriate combatants.

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