10 ISIS elements killed in Anbar desert airdrop

Iraq’s Counter-Terrorism Service on Tuesday (August 13th) said its forces carried out an airdrop in Anbar's desert, with support from the international coalition, that resulted in the death of 10 "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) elements.

Coalition warplanes carried out an airstrike on ISIS rest houses in the Anbar desert, followed by an airdrop by the CTS's 1st Tactical Unit, the CTS said in a statement.

Clashes ensued, which led to the killing of "eight terrorists", it said, noting that "when the force searched one of the rest houses, two terrorists wearing explosive vests were found hiding there".

"One of the suicide bombers was killed while the other blew himself up against the attacking force without causing any casualties in its ranks," it added.

"The heroes of the Counter-Terrorism Service pledge to the Iraqi people that they will be on the lookout for terror remnants and will take them out wherever they are," the statement said.

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