UN envoy says new Syria committee could be agreed soon

UN peace envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen voiced optimism Tuesday (April 30th) that agreement could be reached on a new committee tasked with drafting a constitution for post-war Syria, AFP reported.

Pedersen told the Security Council the constitutional committee would be "a first sign of real movement" towards ending the war, and could be up and running in the coming months.

Discussions on the committee have been bogged down in disagreements over the composition of three lists of members from the regime, opposition and civil society and religious groups.

But after a meeting in Kazakhstan of Russia, Iran and Turkey last week and other discussions, Pedersen said he believed differences had been narrowed and that agreement was within reach.

Asked whether the committee could hold its first meeting this summer, Pedersen said: "Yes, I am hopeful. I believe it should be possible to move forward. We have made tangible progress."

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