US not looking at ISIS court, urges repatriation from Syria

The US said Monday (March 25th) it was not looking at an international court to try "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) extremists and urged countries to repatriate them after the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) proposed a tribunal, AFP reported.

Two days after the US announced the complete defeat of ISIS, the SDF -- which holds some 9,000 foreign extremists and their relatives, 6,500 of them children -- voiced regret at the lack of response to US-led calls on western nations to bring back their citizens for trial.

The SDF said that a better idea would be to set up an international tribunal in north-eastern Syria to prosecute ISIS fighters.

But James Jeffrey, the US special representative on Syria policy, voiced little interest when asked about the proposal, saying: "We are not looking at that now."

The "priority is to pressure countries to take back their own citizens who may or may not have committed crimes", Jeffrey told reporters in Washington.

"If they put the effort into it, they can deal with it," he said.

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