Hundreds more leave Syria ISIS holdout

Hundreds of suspected extremists and their relatives exited the last "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) holdout in eastern Syria aboard 11 trucks on Tuesday (February 26th), AFP reported.

The huge double-trailer trucks snaked towards a screening point manned by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) across the plain from al-Baghouz.

On Monday alone, 46 such trucks left the ISIS pocket, bringing to around 50,000 the number of people who have quit ISIS-held territory since December.

Among them were thousands of suspected extremists, who tried to blend in with civilians in a desperate attempt to save their lives before a final assault by the SDF.

Meanwhile, the SDF on Tuesday screened and treated truckloads of evacuees.

SDF fighters and medics were treating the last batch of more than 2,000 people who were trucked in from the front line to a desert screening point at night.

They said 30 people, mostly women, had already been sent on to other facilities for treatment, and that a total of 300 had received emergency care.

Accounts of those fleeing the makeshift camp in al-Baghouz, where the SDF says around 5,000 people remain, describe a death trap of disease and starvation.

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