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Its treasures ruined by ISIS, Mosul museum hosts modern art

Mosul's museum has not recovered since "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) fighters ravaged its ancient treasures several years ago, but part of it reopened Tuesday (January 29th) to showcase more contemporary art, AFP reported.

For the first time since ISIS overran the city in 2014, visitors on Tuesday could wander the grandiose royal reception hall, which forms part of the museum.

The building is considered the oldest government complex in Mosul and was recently renovated to host the 29-artist exhibit, titled "Return to Mosul", a member of the organising Al-Ghad Radio station said.

The exhibit was "proof that war did not kill Mosul and that, on the contrary, it is living a full-on renaissance", said Huda Hani, a 25-year-old visitor.

During its rule over Mosul, ISIS released a video of its fighters attacking the museum with sledgehammers and drills, destroying priceless artefacts.

The group also trafficked valuable pieces to finance its activities.

In partnership with various organisations, Mosul's artists and technicians are looking to print three-dimensional versions of the smashed pieces.

ALIPH, a heritage-focused project led by France and the UAE, has dedicated $480,000 to help in the first phase of the museum's reconstruction.

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