Iraqi forces conclude military operation in Anbar desert

The first phase of the Iraqi army's operations in the Anbar desert has wrapped up with major gains, Anbar Operations Commander Maj. Gen. Mahmoud al-Falahi said Friday (September 28th).

"The military campaign, which kicked off last Saturday in the Anbar desert and areas along the Syria border, resulted in the killing of 39 terrorists in the western desert," al-Falahi told Diyaruna.

"Several wanted elements were arrested, 58 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were defused, and some 100 IEDs and three vehicles packed with explosives were destroyed," he said.

Iraqi forces also seized weapons and various ISIS vehicles during the operations, al-Falahi said.

"Our warplanes also destroyed seven secret tunnels and underground weapons caches," he said, confirming that the first phase of the operations has achieved its goals.

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