Iraqi forces kill 8 ISIS remnants in Salaheddine

By Khalid al-Taie


Members of the Salaheddine police's Tactical Regiment search for ISIS remnants in remote areas of the province on March 28th. [Photo courtesy of the Salaheddine Tactical Regiment]

Eight "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) remnants were killed in security operations in northern Salaheddine province, the Salaheddine police directorate announced Wednesday (May 20th).

The police on Tuesday received intelligence that five ISIS remnants had infiltrated the province and were advancing to al-Sukariyat, some 40 kilometres deep into Baiji district island, said Salaheddine police's media director Brig. Gen. Mohammed al-Jabouri.

The directorate immediately set up a large force of emergency regiments, special operations (SWAT), tactical regiment, intelligence and counter-terrorism troops, in addition to explosives engineering units, he told Diyaruna.

"The force headed to the area where the terrorists were located and violent clashes ensued in which all five terrorists were killed," according to al-Jabouri.

There were no casualties in the ranks of the security forces, he said, adding that they also seized a pickup truck and a motorcycle belonging to the ISIS elements.

In a separate incident, joint forces from the Salaheddine police and units from Ninawa and Anbar provinces' security forces attacked a hideout in the al-Jazeera area stretching to Hatra district, he said.

"The attack killed three terrorists who were holed up at the site," he said.

The desert areas in western Salaheddine are secured, al-Jabouri said, noting that "any infiltration or breach by the enemy is quickly detected and tackled".

Reports from intelligence sources as well as from citizens who co-operate with the police "provide the support that is necessary for the success of all our operations", he said.

ISIS suffers gravely from a lack of supporters among the people, he said, "which in turn gives us more strength and determination to track [ISIS remnants] down".

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