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Iraqi forces nab ISIS element involved in 2014 Sinjar attacks

By Khalid al-Taie


Iraqi security forces arrest two terror suspects. The Ninawa Police Command announced on August 18th the arrest of an ISIS element who took part in the group's 2014 storming of Sinjar and the ensuing massacre of Yazidis. [Photo courtesy of the Iraqi Ministry of Defence]

An "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) element who had taken part in the group's attack on Sinjar in Ninawa province four years ago has been arrested, the Ninawa Police Command said Monday (August 20th).

The Tal Afar anti-crime bureau on Saturday arrested Mustafa Hamza Mustafa Abd Al Mala, who is wanted for terrorism-related charges, in al-Elu village in Tal Afar, west of Mosul.

He admitted to having sworn allegiance to ISIS on June 25th, 2014 at al-Nour Mosque in Hasankawi in Tal Afar district.

He also confessed to having taken part in battles against Iraqi forces, serving as mortar operator, and in storming Sinjar on August 3rd, 2014, killing and kidnapping Yazidis and taking their women as slaves.

Plan to enhance intelligence efforts

The arrest of Abd Al Mala is part of the Ninawa Police Command’s plan to enhance intelligence efforts at all emergency directorates and regiments in the province, said Ninawa police media chief Lt. Col. Mazen al-Ahmadi.

The plan is being implemented with the support of Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji and under the field supervision of Ninawa police chief Brig. Gen. Hamad Namis al-Jubury, he told Diyaruna.

"Since its launch in early February, the plan has seen major success which was directly reflected on the security situation in Mosul and other cities across the province," he said.

"Over the past seven months, we have arrested at least 2,000 ISIS elements based on intelligence tip-offs from locals," said al-Ahmadi.

"Many of the arrested terrorists had been issued various arrest warrants," he said, adding that they formed sleeper cells and were hiding among civilians.

Legal procedures are taken against any detained terror element, he said, by having their statements taken and then referring them to court so they receive their just punishment.

Acting on tips from locals, the Ninawa police on August 18th arrested two wanted terror suspects who had served with ISIS's "security office" in eastern Mosul's al-Teseen neighbourhood.

On August 14th, eight other ISIS elements were arrested in al-Quds, al-Teseen and al-Intessar neighbourhoods in eastern Mosul.

On the same day, five wanted ISIS female elements were also arrested in al-Amn neighbourhood of Mosul.

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