Ninawa begins compensating those with ISIS property damage

By Khalid al-Taie


A government employee registers internally displaced persons from Mosul to enable them to receive aid in this photo, posted online on July 28th. [Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Migration and Displacement]

Ninawa province's local government on Monday (March 5th) began to pay financial compensation to people whose property has been damaged as result of acts of terrorism carried out by the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS).

This is the first round of compensation offered since Ninawa's liberation from ISIS last August, said Duraid Hikmat, an adviser to the governor of Ninawa.

After the liberation battles ended, the local government started receiving "thousands of requests from citizens of the province whose homes, cars or property had been damaged as a result of terrorism", he told Diyaruna.

The province formed teams to review and study these requests, he said, noting that the work included field surveys to assess the damage and an assessment of the appropriate funds to be granted.

These committees "have so far completed processing the first batch of applications of some 1,850 people", who began receiving compensation payments on Monday (March 5th), he said.

Claim recipients come from "all cities in the province, without exception", he added, expressing his hope that the current batch will soon be followed by other rounds of compensation with larger numbers of beneficiaries.

Meanwhile, he added, the dedicated teams are working "quickly and smoothly to avoid any delays in providing due benefits to affected citizens".

Compensation mechanism

The compensation mechanism includes "estimating the total value of the damage and giving the victim half of the money he needs with a certified check from the bank, while he is responsible for the other half", Hikmat said.

This mechanism was used in the years before ISIS's 2014 incursion into Ninawa for cases of damage caused by bombings and terror attacks, he said.

"There is not a specific figure for the compensation amount awarded," he said, explaining that "it depends on the scale and type of damage, which varies from one person to another".

Hikmat stressed the importance of the payment of compensation, describing it as "a necessary part of the efforts to build the foundations of stability in the province in the post-terrorism era".

ISIS "has brought destruction to every part of the province, and the time has now come to compensate all those affected and help them rebuild their homes, shops and sources of livelihood", he added.

Such compensation will help alleviate the weight of the problems, he said, and encourage the population to resume its normal life and focus on the future.

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Hello. I’m a resident of Ninawa Valley. My home and store had been robbed by the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS).


I've been affected by terrorism since 2006. I haven't yet received any compensation. I swear by God that each time I submit the application, they would say it's lost after a while.


My home was severely damaged during the liberation. The furniture and other assets were also damaged. Where is the application submitted?


My home was severely damaged. I have pictures and a video. Please respond. Where can I register to receive compensation?


I've been affected. I had left Mosul for Duhok in 2014. My house was damaged, and I lost my money, and there is nothing at home.


Peace be upon you! My house was damaged by ISIS elements who fully burnt it.


A car was burnt, another was confiscated. The house and belongings were burnt.


Peace be upon you! God bless you for these efforts! I was detained by the group, and my phone and laptop were seized. I was harshly tortured and subjected to severe psychological troubles for 45 days. I have proof of that. Am I covered by these measures?


I'm an employee of Nineveh health department. I left my home for Mosul when the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) rolled into town. The criminal group confiscated my properties, furniture and shop. My damages are estimated at US$ 6,000, not including the amounts which I spent to reach Erbil. Please give me a small compensation for the damages. Thanks a lot.


I'm one of those who have sustained damages (the house and all the belongings). We live in al-Ayadhiya, Tal Afar.


Our house is located in the old area. Please repair the damages. Thanks. For the time being, we're on the left side and the rent is very high. We demand reconstruction so we can return home.