Iraq to repatriate all citizens who fled to Syria

The Iraqi government plans to return all Iraqis residing in al-Hol refugee camp in Syria's al-Hasakeh province to their homeland.

Kirkuk province closes 3 displacement camps

The four remaining displacement camps in Kirkuk province accommodate some 2,000 families, or around 9,000 people, in total.

New aid to al-Rukban camp for Syrian refugees

A convoy of food aid supplied by the UN is heading for the desert camp, accompanied by a medical team from the Syrian Red Crescent.

Al-Rukban camp residents face worsening conditions

Syrian activists are working to draw attention to conditions in the desert camp near the Syria-Jordan border, where a child died last week.

Idlib's displaced face harsh living conditions

Internally displaced persons face difficult conditions, from high temperatures to water scarcity and the lack of a sanitation system.

Homs displaced stranded in Qalaat al-Madiq

More than 5,000 civilians and opposition elements who were bussed out of Homs have been unable to leave the staging area in Hama.

Iraq closes camps as IDPs return home

The Iraqi government has closed 20 displacement camps and plans are in the works to close five more and consolidate several others.

Javad Ghaffari 'architect' of Iran's plan for Syria

The IRGC officer oversees militias operating in Syria independently of the Syrian regime and works to further Iran's expansionist agenda.

US voices concern as civilians flee Syria's Afrin

In addition to triggering a humanitarian crisis, officials say, the ongoing Turkish-backed offensive has taken focus away from the war on ISIS.

Crisis looms as thousands of families flee Idlib

Civilians are fleeing rural Idlib and Hama as the Syrian regime and its allies intensify their bombardment of towns and villages.

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