Idlib medical students protest Tahrir al-Sham

Students at the International Rescue University in Idlib have been protesting against Tahrir al-Sham's decision to close the university.


Anti-regime resistance roils Daraa province

Tensions with the Syrian regime can be seen in the southern province in anti-regime graffiti and attacks on regime posts and personnel.


Tahrir al-Sham's expansion in northern Syria sparks public anger

Residents of northern Syria have voiced their disapproval of the extremist alliance, which has been expanding its presence into new areas.


Elderly Syrian dies after Tahrir al-Sham beating

Idlib city residents who congregated at the funeral demanded that the extremist alliance hold the perpetrator to account for his crime.


Idlib University students protest dismissal of professors who oppose Tahrir al-Sham

Students have been demonstrating to demand the reinstatement of the 13 professors, all of whom oppose Tahrir al-Sham.


Angry protesters confront Tahrir al-Sham in rural Idlib

Demonstrators marched through the city of Kafr Nabl to urge the extremist alliance to leave after its elements assassinated two activists.


Southern faction targets Syrian regime, IRGC

A new faction formed in the southern province of Daraa has been targeting the Syrian regime and IRGC-affiliated factions, despite the truce.


Hama prison inmates stage a hunger strike

Inmates have been on hunger strike to protest the sentences handed down to some prisoners and their anticipated transfer to Saydnaya.


Residents of al-Rukban camp start a new sit-in

Medical and food aid has not been reaching the camp on Syria's southern border, which is now facing a critical humanitarian situation.


Sweida residents demand abductees' return

Families of ISIS abductees had been keeping vigil outside the Sweida provincial headquarters building until rising tensions forced them to pause the protest.

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