Human Rights

In crumbling Aleppo, residents scramble for shelter

Displaced during the fighting, some families are being asked to move again as their bomb-damaged homes are designated for demolition.

Syrian Kurds push for answers on fate of ISIS abductees

The fate of more than 1,000 Kurds who were abducted by ISIS remains unknown, and their family members are pushing for answers.

Barely alive after ISIS, Syrian babies haunted by malnutrition 

Skeletal babies arriving in al-Hol displacement camp from the last ISIS stronghold in Syria face a race for their lives against malnutrition.

Tahrir al-Sham rounds up youth in western Aleppo

The extremist alliance has been detaining youth at its checkpoints and issuing summons ordering others to appear before it for investigation.

Heavy rains deluge Idlib displacement camps

Residents of makeshift camps near Saraqeb have had to contend with tents that have flooded or blown away in strong winds and rainfall.

Iraqi women strive to end genital mutilation

The UN expects it can better fight Female Genital Mutilation in Iraq's Kurdish region in 2019, partly due to the reduced threat posed by ISIS.

German ISIS woman let 'slave' girl, 5, die of thirst: prosecutors

The girl, purchased as a household slave while ISIS was in control of Mosul, had been chained up outside as a punishment for bedwetting.

Iraq assists residents of flooded displacement camps

Government agencies, security forces and international organisations have been working together to respond to a crisis caused by flooding.

Idlib buffer zone shelling triggers displacement

Syrian regime shelling in the designated buffer zone has caused extensive damage and set off a new wave of displacement, an activist says.

Food, medicine reach Syria's al-Rukban camp

A convoy of more than 70 trucks carrying humanitarian aid, the first since January, has arrived in the camp and distribution is under way.

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