Iran-backed militias plunder Iraq's oil

The militias have enforced their control of key oil fields in northern Iraq, with up to 100 tankers of oil stolen on a daily basis, Iraqi officials say.


Iran seeks to expand interests via Syria reconstruction efforts

The Iran-funded Jihad al-Bina foundation has been taking over public work projects in Damascus in a move 'not welcomed by residents'.


Iraqi military industry opens production lines

Iraq's General Military Industries Company has been producing munitions and armoured vehicles to equip the country's armed forces.


Damascus faces fuel oil, baby formula shortages

Residents of the Syrian capital are facing a shortage of essential items such as baby formula and cooking and heating fuel, an activist says.


Anbar officials hope launch of new smart city will lure investors

Anbar province officials have signed an agreement to launch an integrated smart city along the banks of Lake Habbaniyah.


Iraq moves ahead with reconstruction projects

Iraq has completed more than 500 service sector reconstruction projects as it awaits the arrival of promised international donor funds.


Tahrir al-Sham fuel monopoly raises prices in Idlib

Through a subsidiary company, the extremist alliance controls the price of winter fuel that residents rely on for heating and transportation.


Central Bank halts dollar sales to Iraqis traveling to Iran

The decision comes in response to recent US sanctions that seek to limit the activities of the Iranian regime that threaten international security.


Iraq reactivates ISIS-damaged oilfields, refineries

The Ministry of Oil has put forward ambitious plans to restore all oil facilities to service at their former capacity and to develop them.


Iraq, Jordan to construct industrial zone along border

The joint project will see the establishment of an industrial city near the Trebil border crossing in western Anbar province.

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