IRGC hands out aid to Syrians as Iranians suffer flooding aftermath

At least 2,500 rations of aid were distributed to local residents in Deir Ezzor and rural Hama in an effort to persuade them to join IRGC-affiliated militias.

Price of food rises again under Tahrir al-Sham

The extremist alliance has raised the taxes it levies on populations under its control and has sought to control the price of flour.

Anbar begins construction of industrial zone along Jordan border

A joint industrial city near the Trebil border crossing, set to be completed by the end of 2019, will provide job opportunities to Anbar's youth and revive the economy.

Baiji refinery resumes oil derivatives production

Al-Sumoud refinery in Salaheddine has resumed production of oil derivatives including benzene, diesel, kerosene, crude oil and gasoline.

Iran dam construction reduces Iraq water supply

Iran has been constructing dams that restrict the flow of water to Iraq and have deprived Iraqis of critical water resources, experts say.

Iran drains sovereign wealth fund to support military operations

A fund established to support Iran's infrastructure and ensure future generations have access to its oil wealth is being depleted by the IRGC.

Economic crisis pushes Iranian regime to the brink

As Iran grapples with a burgeoning economic crisis, its people are taking to the streets to demand that the regime focus on domestic woes.

Anbar seeks to attract investment projects to Ramadi

Opening the door for investments is the best path towards overcoming the cash shortfall that the province suffers from, officials say.

Iran siphons hard currency from Iraq in bid to circumvent sanctions

Iran has been trying to circumvent US sanctions by siphoning dollars out of the Iraqi marketplace, depleting Iraq's hard currency reserves.

Anbar cities erect new entrances post-ISIS

The province's cities are being outfitted with entrances and landmarks that reflect their heritage and culture.

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