Iran 'sinks its teeth' deeper into Syria with new economic agreements

The new agreements will allow the Iranian regime to maintain its influence in Syria in the post-war era and to circumvent international sanctions.


Al-Qaeda's shadow still hangs over Syria's Idlib: analysts

Tahrir al-Sham, an extremist alliance operating in northern Syria, has taken many shapes, but has retained its links with al-Qaeda, analysts say.


Iran-backed militias undermine Iraq's sovereignty: analysts

Iran-backed Iraqi militias, including Kataeb Hizbullah, follow the directives of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and operate with complete disregard for the Iraqi law.

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Crime & Justice


Assassination of prominent Iraqi writer provokes outrage

Alaa Mashzoub, a fierce critic of Iran's policies in Iraq, was hit with 13 rounds of fire Saturday.


Syria regime accused of tampering with gas attack site

An activist claims the Syrian regime has been removing evidence from the scene of a 2013 sarin attack on a town in Eastern Ghouta.


Syrian activists document torture, deaths of detainees in regime prisons

The campaigns come at a time when the regime has started issuing death notices for political detainees at an unprecedented rate.

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World leaders, locals welcome Syria strikes

The joint strikes led by the US, France and Britain targeted sites linked to chemical weapons development in the country.


Arab countries seek warmer ties with Iraq

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have taken steps to enhance ties between their nations and the people of Iraq by investing in several key projects.


Astana talks wrap with Syria truce agreement

Two days of indirect talks in Kazakhstan have yielded a ceasefire mechanism, but a lasting political solution to the Syrian conflict is still elusive.

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Iran-backed militias plunder Iraq's oil

The militias have enforced their control of key oil fields in northern Iraq, with up to 100 tankers of oil stolen on a daily basis, Iraqi officials say.


Iran seeks to expand interests via Syria reconstruction efforts

The Iran-funded Jihad al-Bina foundation has been taking over public work projects in Damascus in a move 'not welcomed by residents'.


Iraqi military industry opens production lines

Iraq's General Military Industries Company has been producing munitions and armoured vehicles to equip the country's armed forces.

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Anbar opens dozens of special needs classrooms

Teachers have received training to help them deliver the curriculum to children with special needs in classrooms across the province.


Shortage of buildings, truancy plague Iraqi schools

Public education has suffered as a result of a shortage of school buildings, which in turn fuels chronic absenteeism, experts tell Diyaruna.


Northern Syria region sees high rates of school attendance

The number of enrolled students this year passed the 80,000 mark, almost double the number of students last year, a local official told Diyaruna.

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Iraqi PM designate gets challenge of forming government

Prime Minister designate Adel Abdel Mahdi has been handed the difficult task of forming a government within 30 days.


Syrian activists describe local elections as a farce

Holding elections is an attempt to circumvent a peaceful political solution by planting regime allies in key administrative posts, they say.


In photos: Anbar residents vote, hope for change

Voter turnout was 38% across Anbar, according to local election officials.

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Iraq's oilfields remain vulnerable, officials say

Smuggling remains a cause of concern at Iraq's northern oilfields after the ouster of ISIS, with some officials pointing the finger at Iran-backed PMF factions.

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Heavy rain brings woes to Syria's Ain Issa camp

Residents of the rural al-Raqa province camp are experiencing tragic conditions as water has flooded their tents and left them without a shelter.


Quake leaves trail of death and destruction in Iraq

A 7.3-magnitude quake hit on the Iraq-Iran border area on Sunday night, killing hundreds of people and injuring thousands of others.


Iraq close to extinguishing al-Qayyarah oil field fires

Once the fires lit by the 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' are put out, the government will have to deal with their lingering economic and environmental effects, officials warn.

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Idlib, Aleppo, Hama health directorates lose funding

Medics will go unpaid and services will suffer, the health directorates said, due to the suspension of the donor funding they receive.


Specialised medical centres reopen in Anbar

Medical facilities are being rehabilitated and services are being restored in Iraq's westernmost province following the ouster of ISIS.


Mosul in final push to clear away ISIS remains

Mosul steps up efforts to remove the remains of the group's dead fighters from under the rubble.

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Human Rights


Barely alive after ISIS, Syrian babies haunted by malnutrition 

Skeletal babies arriving in al-Hol displacement camp from the last ISIS stronghold in Syria face a race for their lives against malnutrition.


Tahrir al-Sham rounds up youth in western Aleppo

The extremist alliance has been detaining youth at its checkpoints and issuing summons ordering others to appear before it for investigation.


Heavy rains deluge Idlib displacement camps

Residents of makeshift camps near Saraqeb have had to contend with tents that have flooded or blown away in strong winds and rainfall.

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Russia spreads disinformation with manipulated ISIS video

The botched video is an example of Russian attempts to spread unsubstantiated claims -- this one targeting Arabic and Russian speakers.


ISIS inflates its ferocity with fraudulent claims

The group has been claiming random murders and kidnappings that have nothing to do with it, in addition to crimes that never occurred.


Iraqi film shows suicide bomber's change of heart

The Journey is an intense psychological thriller, based on a true story, that shows the strength of common humanity against the destructive force of terrorism.

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Syrian regime, IRGC are at odds in Deir Ezzor

Quarrels over a number of issues have seen rising tensions between the Syrian regime and the IRGC in parts of Deir Ezzor province.


Iranian company expands Diyala military camp

An Iranian company has been working to set up a permanent camp in Diyala province to serve Iran-backed militias operating in Iraq.


IRGC, regime embroiled in Deir Ezzor dispute

The Syrian regime's demand that fighters from IRGC-affiliated militias report for mandatory military service has fueled tensions in Deir Ezzor.

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Idlib medical students protest Tahrir al-Sham

Students at the International Rescue University in Idlib have been protesting against Tahrir al-Sham's decision to close the university.


Anti-regime resistance roils Daraa province

Tensions with the Syrian regime can be seen in the southern province in anti-regime graffiti and attacks on regime posts and personnel.


Tahrir al-Sham's expansion in northern Syria sparks public anger

Residents of northern Syria have voiced their disapproval of the extremist alliance, which has been expanding its presence into new areas.

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Eid traditions mark end of Ramadan in Iraq

Muslims worldwide began celebrating on June 15th the end of the holy month with the three-day Eid al-Fitr holiday.


Anbar residents revive Ramadan traditions

Anbar province is seeing a return of traditions and customs associated with Ramadan that were banned during the ISIS era, residents say.


Al-Raqa residents revive Ramadan traditions post-ISIS

The group had banned public gatherings during the holy month and imposed strict rules on celebrations, depriving residents of their long-held practices.

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Iraqi Christians return to pray at Anbar churches

Christian families from Baghdad and other parts of the country visited churches in Anbar's al-Khalidiya and al-Habbaniya to pray.


Al-Qaeda calls for the destruction of ISIS and its 'deviant' caliph al-Baghdadi

Al-Qaeda says ISIS members are unable to understand Islamic texts and are bent on carrying out treason and treachery wherever they have influence. The same however could be said of al-Qaeda.


Tahrir al-Sham confiscates properties of Idlib Christians

The extremist alliance has summoned those who occupy or administer the homes of Christians and ordered them to turn over the properties.

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Shelling, bombings devastate Idlib's civilians

A climate of fear has enveloped Idlib city in the aftermath of a double bomb attack that killed 24 people, including four children.


Joint Iraqi forces sweep area south of Samarra

Security forces have concluded a four-day sweep to clear ISIS remnants and weapons caches from an area of about 3,600 square kilometres.


Iraqi intelligence breaks up dozens of ISIS cells

Over a period of 15 months, Iraqi intelligence tracked down and arrested some of the most dangerous ISIS cells in Baghdad and Anbar.

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Iraqi artists show Mosul's suffering and hope

Since Iraqi forces reclaimed Mosul from ISIS, the city has seen a flurry of cultural events and the return of a vibrant art scene.


Ninawa preachers urged to promote moderation

Preachers from remote areas of the province attended a workshop that urged them to denounce extremist ideology from their pulpits.


Iraq grapples with drug smugglers from Iran

Despite the ongoing efforts of Iraqi forces to thwart cross-border drug smuggling from Iran, illegal substances continue to enter the country.

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Iraqis urged to be on guard for ISIS-planted mines

Iraqi forces are working tirelessly to clear mines and improvised explosive devices left behind by ISIS, but warn civilians that dangers remain.


ISIS deploys female bombers in last Syria bastion

The group has been using women as suicide bombers as it makes a last desperate stand against the Syrian Democratic Forces in Deir Ezzor.


SDF close to finishing fight to oust ISIS in Syria

ISIS elements have retreated to an area of one square kilometre at the edge of the Deir Ezzor town of Baghouz al-Fawqani.

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Ninawa shares Yazidis' joy at shrine reopening

A celebration to reopen Sheikh Babek shrine, destroyed by the 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' in 2015, drew well-wishers from other faiths.


Iraqis unite behind campaign to free Mosul

The battle to liberate Mosul from the 'Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant' has brought Iraqis of all sects, religions and ethnicities together.


Anti-ISIL alliance in northern Syria dismisses rumors of discord

Arabs and Kurds stand unified in their fight against the 'Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant', despite propaganda to the contrary.

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Fallujah train station reopens with first journey from Baghdad

The train station was closed for five years after ISIS destroyed the Anbar railway network.


Mosul International Airport reconstruction begins

The airport, destroyed by ISIS during its occupation of the city, is seeing a flurry of activity as companies compete to rebuild it.


Iraq works to restore damaged Mosul bridges

The government is implementing a two-phase plan to repair the Ninawa province city's bridges with funding help from international donors.

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Women's Rights


By necessity or design, Iraqi women launch Mosul firms

Under extremist rule, women were not allowed to do anything without permission from a father or husband. But today, things have largely changed.


After ISIS, Anbar women emerge into the light

After years of restrictions under ISIS rule, women in Iraq's westernmost province are once again driving and engaging in artistic pursuits.


Ninawa police to recruit more female officers

Women can play a key role in enforcing security by monitoring female ISIS elements and sympathisers and curbing terrorist activities.

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Iraq kicks off youth job initiative in liberated areas

'Pioneers of Iraq' will address unemployment in former ISIS-held areas by helping youth develop small businesses.


IRGC lures Iraqi youth to fight in Syria, Yemen

The IRGC has been surreptitiously recruiting Iraqi youth to fight in areas of regional conflict such as Syria and Yemen, Iraqi observers say.


Scout troops an incubator for IRGC-linked militias in Syria

Militaristic scout troops linked to Hizbullah and the IRGC that are popping up around Syria serve as a pathway to various Iran-backed militias.

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New aid to al-Rukban camp for Syrian refugees

A convoy of food aid supplied by the UN is heading for the desert camp, accompanied by a medical team from the Syrian Red Crescent.


Al-Rukban camp residents face worsening conditions

Syrian activists are working to draw attention to conditions in the desert camp near the Syria-Jordan border, where a child died last week.


Idlib's displaced face harsh living conditions

Internally displaced persons face difficult conditions, from high temperatures to water scarcity and the lack of a sanitation system.

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