Iraqi forces arrest 2 in connection with Kirkuk bombings last month

The perpetrators of six bomb attacks that hit Kirkuk province on May 30th have been arrested, Iraq's Joint Operations Command said Thursday (June 13th).

"Acting on intelligence, our security forces arrested two 'Islamic State of Iraq and Syria' (ISIS) terrorists who had planted several improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in Kirkuk the night of May 30th," the command said in a statement.

The first suspect, a resident of al-Qahara village, al-Riyadh, confessed before the investigating judge to planting IEDs on al-Quds Street and Baghdad Highway using a Toyota Land Cruiser, together with the second suspect who was arrested based on the former's confessions, it said.

The two confessed to belonging to ISIS and to having worked for the group post-2014, the statement said.

"Security forces are proceeding with their investigations to arrest all those involved in the attacks, whether by assisting or directly executing the bombings," it said.

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