Iraq begins trial proceedings for 900 ISIS suspects

Iraq has begun trial proceedings for nearly 900 Iraqi suspected members of the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" (ISIS) caught fleeing territory in neighbouring Syria, AFP reported Sunday (April 14th).

The suspects were handed over to Iraqi authorities by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a judicial source said.

"We received the interrogation files of nearly 900 Iraqi ISIS members coming from Syria," the court official said. "The specialised terrorism court has begun setting dates for their trial in batches."

The nearly 900 suspected extremists were transferred by the SDF to Iraqi custody in recent months as the group lost its foothold in Syria. Additional Iraqi suspects are in SDF custody and awaiting transferral, a security source said.

"They will be handed over in batches on the Syrian-Iraqi border. They include very influential leaders, but ISIS had sought to keep them hidden," the security source said.

One of those destined to be handed over was deeply involved in ISIS’s efforts to develop chemical weapons, he said.

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