PM-designate asks Iraqis to apply online for cabinet

Iraq's prime minister designate Adel Abdel Mahdi launched a website on Tuesday (October 9th) to allow candidates to apply for a ministerial position online as he struggles to form a government, AFP reported.

The unprecedented measure comes as Abdel Mahdi, a former Iraqi vice president, battles to overcome sharp party political differences and forge a viable governing coalition.

Abdel Mahdi was named prime minister on October 2nd and, under the terms of the constitution, has until November 1st to form his government.

The new website gives would-be candidates a three-day opportunity -- from Tuesday morning until Thursday afternoon -- to register online for a ministerial post.

Applicants must register their personal data, indicate their political orientation and state whether they belong to any political party, according to the terms of registration found online.

Both men and women may apply. Applicants must have a university degree or equivalent qualification -- a mandatory requirement for joining the government.

Candidates can then choose the ministry they wish to head and must write a short statement of their vision of what makes a "successful leader" and "how to manage teams effectively".

Applicants are also asked to set out in their vision statement how they would tackle the problems facing their ministry of choice and "practical solutions" for doing so.

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